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Chapter I Early Days on Cape Cod

Chapter II. Last Days in the U.S.

Chapter III. In Sunny Queensland

Chapter IV. Baptism of Fire

Chapter V. Salamaua, Lae, and Finschhafen

Chapter VI. New Britain, Saidor and the Admiralties

Chapter VII. Hollandia and Tanahmerah

Chapter VIII. Closing Days of the New Guinea Campaign

Chapter IX. The Leyte Landing

Chapter X. Mindoro

Chapter XI. On To Corregidor

Chapter XII. The Victor Operations

Chapter XIII. Intermission. VE-Day and Readjustment

Chapter XIV. Victory

The 2nd ESB in Verse

The 2nd ESB as Seen by “Yank”



A. The Brigade Score Board

B. The War Diary

C. Unit Commanders

D. Decorations and Citations

E. Commendations

F. Casualties

G. Small Ships Section


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